seared tuna with wasabi sauce

Posted in Recipes by positivelogicalist on March 30, 2009

Thought I would give this recipe for seared tuna with wasabi sauce a whirl tonight.  Lightly sauteed asparagus and carrots went well, with a few blackberries sprinkled around for variety.  While I like the recipe overall, I do agree with a few of the commenters that something was lacking from the sauce (and I don’t think it was wasabi).  I might suggest using salted butter instead (or just use more soy sauce).  Another idea might be to load up on the lime a bit more to add some complexity.  I couldn’t really taste the lime as it turned out.  If I keep doing these food pictures I’m going to have to get some cooler looking plates…




Posted in Recipes by positivelogicalist on March 13, 2009

I tried this tasty recipe for scallops “ceviche” tonight.  Thought a sake & vodka w/ cucumber would go nicely with the cucumber and lime in the recipe.  Mods: added some lemon juice.  Suggestion: careful not to add too much allium here, can overpower the other flavors.  Might press the orange slices a bit to get more of the juice into the marinade.  Yeah I know this is an ugly photo.  I need to work on my photography skillz…